Neuromovement Classes

Group Classes

I offer group classes for ABM Neuromovement®, Hypopressives and gentle strength circuits.

All classes are via Zoom until further notice.


Neuromovement® class



Jan 7-28 @11:15am $60/series

via Zoom

*50 min class

$15 drop-in

Contact me to register

Neuromovement Classes

In our Group classes you will gain:

• Improved flexibility
• Improved strength
• Decreased stress and anxiety
• Improved range of motion
• Improved activities of daily living
• Improved cognitive functioning
• Improved breathing quality
• Increased confidence

In both Neuromovement classes and Hypopressives classes I verbally guide you on an exploration of your own movement habits. Instead of being consumed with my own movements and practice I am attentive to each student and their experience. Also, by only giving verbal instructions your attention is heightened and your brain has to translate words into an experience of your own. In this way you will find movements that are comfortable and easy for you, rather than my demonstration which may not match your needs and abilities.

You may also get a bit offtrack, and then on track, and then a bit off again…and that’s okay because learning is non linear. I will not correct you (but will help you avoid hurting yourself!), I will not stretch you or push you past your limits. I will watch you and encourage you to explore and experience for yourself. Because when you stumble upon what feels ‘right’ on your own accord… that lesson is much more potent than being told what is right. These classes are all about enjoyment of the process rather than fixating on outcomes. My classes are the epitome of mindfulness, healing, learning and self care through movement.

These classes are all about YOU.

Students have reported feeling much more flexible, much more mobile and mentally calm. They also report feeling much happier and more confident in their mind and body. Clients in Hypopressives classes have reported decreases in prolapse symptoms, incontinence and back pain.

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Go slowly, gently and easily.
There should be no pain, no strain, and no discomfort*.

pelvic clock snap shot
on side looking down
see saw breathing

*The ABM Neuromovement® is a learning based method. I am not a medical provider and these lessons are in no way a replacement for proper medical care. By choosing to listen and participate in these lessons you are taking sole responsibility for your safety and health. If you are unsure if you are able to be doing the lessons for any reason, please consult a medical provider prior to proceeding. If you begin a lesson and find the movements too challenging please use caution and do not do the movements. You will still experience positive gains from using just your imagination to follow along in a lesson.