Neuromovement Children

ABM Neuromovement® for Children

The Anat Baniel Method of Neuromovement® uses movement as a tool to connect with the brain in a positive and supportive environment. ABM Neuromovement® helps to build awareness, improve brain health and organize functional movement patterns allowing your child to feel safe and confident in their mind and body.

• Autism
• Aspergers
• Cerebral Palsy
• Genetic disorders
• Undiagnosed developmental delays
• Learning challenges
• Trauma + Injuries
• Brain injuries
• Sensory Processing issues
• Scoliosis
• Self regulation challenges
• Motor challenges
down syndrome
Neuromovement Children

ABM Neuromovement® for Children

The Anat Baniel Method® of Neuromovement® is a holistic approach to learning that uses movement as a vehicle to communicate with the brain. Based on the science of neuroplasticity this technique taps into the child’s potential thus enabling children to soar past anticipated limitations and prognosis’. ABM Neuromovement® is an evolution of the Feldenkrais method crafted through Anat’s decades of work with children of varying needs. The principles of ABM Neuromovement® are supported by neuroscience and her personally trained practitioners are now highly sought after across the globe. I combine my knowledge of the body as a Kinesiologist, with my experience with health as a nurse, to support me as an ABM Neuromovement® practitioner to provide supportive and transformational lessons to your children. I strive to help each child to build confidence in their mind and body.

Children’s lessons are individually crafted to meet your child where they are now.

During a lesson, I will use touch and movement to captivate your child’s attention. I will introduce your child to a variety of early developmental movement patterns suitable to their capabilities and gently increase demands to help them improve from where they are now. In these lessons your child will experience success and rekindle their natural desire to learn. There is no stretching, no straining, no pain or discomfort. I work with your child slowly, in a range of complete comfort that gives them a sense of safety. In this intentionally tailored learning environment the brain is enabled to wake up dormant neural pathways and create new neural pathways. The brain can grow and expand and thus movement will also flourish. Parents report that their children are more flexible, more relaxed, more comfortable and happier. They also achieve greater outcomes with less effort.

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These lessons are done on a table, fully clothed and with a caregiver present. Clients can visit me in my Fernwood studio or in the comfort of their homes (+travel fee). Lessons are conducted in an intensive series, small frequent bursts of information, to maximize learning outcomes. Clients are required to commit to a series of 6-10 sessions. For more information on the Anat Baniel Method® of Neuromovement® read here.


Michelle did a three day intensive session with my oldest daughter who struggles with ADD and difficulty falling asleep. It was quite amazing to watch Michelle work, her depth of knowledge and understanding of the body. My daughter enjoyed the experiences, as Michelle has a beautiful manner with kids, however my daughters engagement with her activities and the ease with which she fell asleep those evenings was the biggest gift!”


“Victoria is extremely lucky to have Michelle! She’s a grounded, solid and knowledgeable practitioner. She approaches the body with gentle movements and brings awareness that help the body find it’s ease. I highly recommend her to any individual seeking relief from chronic pain, neurological disorders and for children who want to feel confident and comfortable in their bodies.”