Michelle Mark Victoria Kinesiologist


Teaching movement to connect mind and body

An Anat Baniel Method® Neuromovement® practitioner since 2017, BCAK Kinesiologist since 2014, Hypopressives® instructor since 2014, UBC graduate (Human Kinetics 2006), University of Calgary graduate (Nursing 2009), lifelong runner, mountain biker and triathlete, mother of three children and lover of writing. I intertwine my varied experiences to guide those in the realms of movement, thought, emotion and change.


If you’ve had a baby you need to work with Michelle! I am not a coordinated person…but Michelle was so supportive and patient. She had no problem finding new ways to coach me on proper posture and movement. Michelle really knows her stuff and she is so much fun to work with. I can’t wait to work with her again!


I am pregnant with my second child due in a few months. Due to my acute back pain I was afraid to move, which made me tense and my pain even worse, I even had to call in sick to work. After just one ABM lesson, I was able to move more freely again and return to work. It was like my brain had to be reminded how it felt to move my body without pain in order to heal, and be pain free.


I have had the pleasure of working with Michelle in my pursuit to better health after the birth of my second child. I initially became connected with her as a way to kick start my fitness goals after the birth of my second child. She introduced me to the world of hypopressives followed by her work as an ABM practitioner which I found to be quite miraculous. Michelle is easy going, friendly and is always committed to supporting and assisting her clients to a higher level of wellbeing. Michelle is inspiring to me in the way that she is always searching for other ways to help people when the traditional methods fall short. If you get a chance to work with her, you won’t look back. I highly recommend her group ABM classes.


Michelle has the perfect combination of training, knowledge and personal experience to be able to understand, explain and help get you (and your body) back on the path to where you want to be! I love that she has a “why” behind everything and her methods are focused, consistent, determined and practical.


She is very dedicated to helping you get better and expanding her knowledge in order to better help postpartum women get active in a safe a healthy way! Thank you so much!


Michelle Mark


Bachelor of Human Kinetics, UBC, 2006
Bachelor of Nursing, U of Calgary, 2009
Pilates level 1 instructor, 2014
Fit4Two pre and postnatal fitness specialist, 2014-current
Bellies Inc. Core Confidence Specialist, 2015
Hypopressives level 1 and 2 instructor, 2016
Anat Baniel Method® of Neuromovement® practitioner, Adults, 2017
ABM Neuromovement®- Children’s mastery, 2018
ABM Neuromovement®- Vitality and Anti-Aging, 2018


Pain, limitations, and trauma are words that nobody chooses to invite into their lives. They also represent a time when we can find ourselves at the mercy of disjointed systems, dated modalities and band-aid solutions. Herein also lies the potential for the greatest progress when we discover a path that heals not just segments of our self, but our whole self.

I represent hope, possibility and transformation. I strive to empower people to see the positives, to hope, expect and gently strive for more. We know the brain can change and it is time to tap into this neuroplasticity to improve not only physical ailments, but neurological limitations as well. I represent the potential of the brain to learn, change and grow.

I have experienced these shifts myself. I have felt my physical self transform. I am more deliberate, more graceful and my athletic outcomes have improved. Old injuries and aches are a thing of the past. My recovery from three natural births has been seamless, my emotional repertoire continues to expand exponentially. My focus and attention span have improved. My brain has formed new pathways and old pathways have been uncovered. I have witnessed these shifts in my children and in my clients and I want to help you too.

Become an active participant in your journey. Do you want to be empowered instead of assessed? Do you want your child to feel successful instead of corrected? Allow me to share this world of possibilities with you.

Michelle Mark
B.Hk, B.Nursing, ABM® NM®

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